30 Days of Excellence: A Daily Devotional

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I believe it is God's will for all people, congregations, families, organizations and businesses to be defined by excellence. To do so, excellence must be intentionally cultivated in your attitudes, values, goals and daily habits. This book, Thirty Days of Excellence, contains some of the most powerful principles of excellence in Scripture and will encourage you to cultivate one principle of excellence into the soil of your life each day for the next thirty days. Why thirty days? This book is divided into three sections: Excellence in Faith, Excellence in Speech, and Excellence in Life. Each section contains ten principles of excellence. Three sections multiplied by ten principles equals thirty days! What can you expect at the conclusion of your Thirty Days of Excellence journey? Expect to be thrust into divine order. Expect to step into greater purpose and destiny. Expect to develop the habits of excellence. Expect to excel in every area of your life. God has ordered it and the moment is right. Your soul will be encouraged, your spirit inspired and your life transformed. Welcome to Thirty Days of Excellence! Excellence in not in the destination, it is in the journey!

2014, 6 x 9 inch paperback, 148 pages, various Bible translations used, written by William Glover