A Comparative Study of the Anabaptist and English Baptist Movements

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A Comparative Study of the Anabaptist and English Baptist Movements offers a unique perspective to Baptist History. The book covers both groups related to Baptist origins in belief and practice.

Seldom, if ever, has a book sought to cover both movements in one volume. Through this work, you will receive sufficient knowledge that will inform, explain, and inspire you with in-depth insight into both movements.

The book explains the origins and characters involved in the burgeoning movements that have shaped Baptists. The detailed study will not only inspire through courageous biographies but offer explanations of historic actions that stand out in an influential way on the History of Christianity.

The timeline presented will help readers understand the happenings from a historic perspective as both movements evolved. Major events and influences are covered meticulously throughout the entire book.

The doctrinal section of both groups references Baptist leaders' beliefs that differ from other Christian groups, as well as those beliefs Baptists, share with these groups.

The thoroughness of the book is seen in the scope, insight, and lasting impact the Baptist movement has had on the world. It is highly informative for those wishing to understand Baptists through approaching their history and practice from a distinct historical perspective.

Most Baptists today have no knowledge of this rich heritage. Nelson introduces us to the early leaders of these movements and identifies the distinctive beliefs of these early Baptists. All Baptists would be enriched by knowing more about the heritage described for us in A Comparative Study of the Anabaptist and English Baptist Movements. _______Steve Lemke, Vice President for Institutional Assessment and Provost Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Ethics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

 Dan Nelson has taken a different approach in giving us a readable narrative that shows some connection of our Baptist forefathers with the European Anabaptists; plus, many short biographies of different Anabaptists who appeared and were widespread in the medieval period of history. There is a lot to be learned here and the layman can understand the non-technical language of the author who was a Baptist pastor for many decades. _____ Jim Duvall, Editor, Baptist History Homepage

Written by Dan Nelson, 2021, paperback, 550 pages.
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