An Enduring Crown

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It is not difficult to find errors in modern education. It is well known that public schools are failing and the culture of each succeeding generation is decaying. It seems, too, that every solution has been implemented and discarded, leaving the world to grope for the next solution, hoping for some vague utopia. But we as Christians have not done much better. Our schools have also declined, and our culture decayed. Our young people have not changed the world. And like the world, we also have reached for solutions, which have popped like bubbles. But perhaps in our groping, we have been grasping at all the wrong things. Using our intuition, we have reached too soon for immediate solutions. We have looked to politics, economics, society, institutions, entertainment, even the church. But this very grasping reveals the problem. Our lives are fractured, flitting from one endeavor to another. One look at the modern church reveals lives that are literally pulled apart. Fathers and mothers are absent from children. Husbands and wives are estranged from each other. Lives are disconnected from the Bible. With such compartmentalization, how can we hope for continuity from one generation to the next? That is the question this book addresses. It exhorts us to cease chasing fragmentary solutions and instead turn in single devotion to the Lord and His Word. Only then will our hearts be whole and will we be able to transmit Christianity intact from past to future generations. May it be so in each of our lives in this rising generation.

6 x 9 inches, 160 pages, paperback, color picttures throughout, written by Gary Huffman