Baptist Revival

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We need to know how we have gotten to this place in the history of Christianity, as Baptists. What sacrifices have been made by Baptists that have shaped our distinct identity today. It is my concern that many of these cherished teachings may be forgotten, in a rush to not turn off people by teaching doctrines for whom many have fought and even died. I believe it will cost us bigtime, if we lose our identity and forget from where we have come. I am not for preservation, however; as much as I am for fresh truth that will invigorate and give new life to churches, where there is staleness and where churches have plateaued or are dying.

When we know our beliefs and proclaim them boldly, God can use these truths to bring revival to churches in a way we have not seen possible before. We will see revival become reality, if we will study and proclaim the truths that have made us great. The real objective of this work is to help those who have taken Baptist beliefs so lightly and loosely. In doing so, I want them to know we not only have a biblical faith, but that we are very clear on why that faith is biblical. The next generation of pastors, church leaders, and churches will be faced with serious doctrinal questions and challenges. Since we live in a pragmatic culture, the pressure is on us to use whatever works in church. We need to be all things to all people that we might save some (I Corinthians 9:22); but also we need to stand for something, so we affirm not only do we believe truth, but are transformed by it. We should be moved by our convictions and want future generations to see these truths have made us what we are.

Written by Dan Nelson, 2016, paperback, 126 pages.