Biblical Basis for Baptists

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Many books have been written to set forth the Biblical truths commonly believed by Baptists. Many of these teachings are shared by other believers, but some are distinctive in that only Baptists have been willing to support them solely on Biblical authority.

Biblical Authority - Autonomy of the Local Church - Priesthood of All Believers - Two Ordinances - Individual Soul Liberty - Saved Church Membership - Two Officers - Separation of Church and State

Drs. L. Duane Brown and his son, Daniel, have teamed up to expand the previous edition of Biblical Basis for Baptists that sold more than 65,000 copies. Both men are well qualified, based on their own individual ministries, to author this practical, doctrinal presentation.

Chapters have been added for leadership to establish or evaluate their church missions program, especially on their indigenous policy. A special highlight is a message presented by Dr. Duane Brown on how Baptists brought religious freedom to America.

Since this book is based on Scriptural principles, individuals and teaching organisms (Sunday school classes, youth and college groups, membership classes, home school parents, Christian schools, or schools of higher learning, etc.) will find it to be trustworthy..

Written by Duane and Daniel Brown, 2009, 108 pages, 6 x 9, paperback.