God's Relentless Love

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Awesome insight! This is a must read for those who desire a deeper understanding of the entire sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Dr. Stone has done a great job at simplifying truths for all people to understand. This is a very thorough treatise on this subject and one worth investing time in to read. - Dr. Sherill Piscopo, Dean & Director of Destiny School of Ministry and Destiny Christian University.

It is clearly evident that Dr. Stone has done her research in this thought provoking and heart stirring book. She takes her readers on a journey of discovery from creation to Revelation. All along the way she articulates God's magnificent plan and love for mankind. A stirring read. - George W. Raduano, Senior Pastor

God's Relentless Love is a simplified theological journey from Genesis to Revelation leading one to face the implications of their life in response to their Creator and Savior. It is infused with challenging information to prick the inquisitive mind of those who 'hunger and thirst for righteousness. Sections, such as 'Lucifer,' are thought-provoking and become a searching mechanism for looking at one's own personal theology. I liken it to the process of the steam that builds up in a steam engine to release the potential power contained therein. The writer starts with a low head of steam and increases it by each additional chapter. - David L. Deaton, D.Min., President of Covenant Life University

Dr. Kim Stone has been a Christian since 1973. She attended EACM affiliated Destiny School of Ministry and achieved a Ministerial Diploma in Biblical Studies. She also completed Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology degrees. In 2009 she finished her earned Doctor of Religious Education degree from Destiny Christian University. This book is a springboard for the call on Dr. Stone's life: to inform the body of Christ... "It is time to come in"