Looking Ahead

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If you are interested in the end times, this book is a must read. Chapters include how to interpret the Bible, what God's prophetic timetable is, and many helpful solutions on how to prepare for the world's most amazing event--the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking Ahead is a Biblical step-by-step view of what mankind can expect. Each author writes from years of experience and study to present a glorious look into the future. Christian leaders will want to use this material as the basis for their own message series on this subject. Readers will enjoy the knowledge and inspiration presented.

Read it, be challenged, apply its truth, teach its contents, and above all share the truths of these pages with your friends so they too will be thrilled with the prospect of Looking Ahead.

Written by The 21st Century Baptist Committee, 2004, 196 pages, 6 x 9, hardback.