What is the Apostasy?

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Dr. Brown's book defines the subject of apostasy and identifies what "The Apostasy" means in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 since the Apostle Paul did not. A key statement, "No doubt the Apostasy sets up the coming of the antichrist" sums up the relationship between them. Designed to make the complexity of the last days easier to understand and not to create questionable theories and new problems to face, it is hoped that fresh appreciation for God's Word and His promises will encourage believers. He will show how lawlessness is a key word.

Questions which he endeavors to answer:
  • Does "The Apostasy" mean the Rapture as many Bible teachers hold?
  • Can true Christians really apostatize?
  • Will Jesus Christ return to rapture His church before or after "The Apostasy" occurs?
  • What is the relationship between The Apostasy and the Man of Sin?
  • Do demons have any part in The Apostasy?

"What is the Apostasy by Dr. Duane Brown is an intense study of the end times with a particular emphasis, as the title indicates, on the apostasy that is so much a part of this period. The author references an array of insights from Bible commentators through the years, looks at the relevant texts of Scripture in light of the original Greek context, syntax, and lexicology, and makes regular application of the data to the world scene past, present and future. The Apostasy is a good read, helpful academically as well as spiritually." Dr. David Reinhardt (Pastor and Greek scholar), Danbury, Connecticut

Written by L. Duane Brown, 2010, 232 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback