LOUD the Thunder, GENTLE the Rain

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Who would have thought that the innocent jingle of a bell could change the lives of so many? Not only were the Gentry children still grieving the loss of their father they were now learning to survive without the mother who had been their stability. As they stepped into uncharted waters Heather Gentry, as well as her brother and two sisters began to experience first hand the faith that had sustained their mother.

Cody Jackson, the youngest member of the Matthews Gang walked his journey alone. Orphaned as a young boy Cody only knew one way – survive the best way he could. Watching the storm clouds raging over the Tennessee mountains Cody realized just how alone he really was. With a seeking and wounded heart Cody moved further west in hopes of finding the peace that for so long had eluded him. As he stumbles for answers his path crosses with an old preacher who gently takes Cody under his wing and into his heart. Through the love of Preacher John Davis, Cody begins his walk toward the cross and a different life than he’s ever known.

Written by Linda Brown, 2010, 310 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback.
Book One.