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2013 Calendars

2013 Calendars

You will love our Christ honoring calendars! All verses are from the King James Version. When opened they measure 11 x 17 inches.

If you would rather not have Bible verses, we also have patriotic sayings. See the 2013 Old Glory Across America calendar, below.

You will enjoy these calendars throughout the coming year. They make great gifts, order more than one.


You can choose from one to all three wall hanging calendars to promote your church, school, and/or ministry.

In bulk, as a fundraiser, the wall hanging calendars cost $3 each. If you sell just 100 of these and sell them for $8 your organization will profit $500. I think you will be able to see just how profitable these can be.

The site is structured to take orders, no matter the quantity. We will add your contact information and logo (if it fits) to orders over 100 in quantity in either style.

Tally Envelopes are available to those who are trying to raise funds. This gives your organization an easy way to keep track of sales and monies, along with those who have made purchases.