How to Interview KINDLE

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If you've ever bombed a job interview, you probably left the room wishing you could be a fly on the wall. What would the interviewer say about you? What was going on in that person's head as you spoke? Imagine how valuable that information could be in helping you prepare for your next job interview. In How to Interview: What Employers Want to Hear in Today's Competitive Job Market, executive recruiter Russ Hovendick shares what he has learned after twenty years of coaching job applicants and getting feedback from hiring managers from some of the most sought after Fortune 500 companies. The KINDLE VERSION is an insider's view of the hiring process and the candid--mostly blunt--version of what's going through the employer's mind.

Learn how storytelling can steer the conversation in your favor. Discover the bold technique Hovendick's successful candidates use at the end of every job interview. In applying the strategies in this book, you'll turn your interviewer into your advocate. How to Interview is part of the Directional Motivation series of career development books. Filled with pragmatic advice, confidence-boosting exercises, sample scripts, and unbeatable techniques for demonstrating your unique assets, the book is undoubtedly the go-to resource for you, the proactive job seeker.
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