Burial or Cremation - Which do YOU Choose?

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It is a rare author who can explain to you what a cremation is really like. Pastor Benedict does so vividly in this book because he attended the public cremation of his Hindu friend who died in Bangladesh.

The description is a real eye-opener.
• Here you will learn much about burial versus cremation:
• Statistics about each
• Arguments for and against cremation
• Arguments for and against burial
• The costs of each.

Most importantly, however, you will be treated to a careful study and analysis of what the ancient Judeo-Christian Scriptures have to say on the subject. Here Pastor Benedict's expository gifts come into play. He takes you on a stimulating, accurate, and valuable journey through all the pertinent passages in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. These verses of sacred Scripture give clear guidance on this subject that you and I must consider before we leave this old world.

This book has all the information we need to make a prudent decision.