All About the Antichrist: Amazing Prophecies Being Fulfilled, Kindle eBook

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As events are rapidly moving toward the predicted end time society that will have a one world socialistic government ruled over by an evil dictator called the Antichrist, people are waking up to the fact that we are living in the very day where preparations are being made for this horrific event. We see the ground work being laid in the development of the very tools the end time dictator will use to control everyone everywhere.

There will be no escaping his all-seeing eye made possible by modern technology which uses insects, drones, spy cameras at every traffic intersection, devises in your cell phone that can track your every move, smart television sets that watch you and listen to what you say while you look at TV. It is even possible for them to turn on this spying eye in your TV set without your knowing it's on. That can be done even if you TV set is off.

With the new RFID technology, RFID tags are placed on everything you buy, including the clothes you wear. This makes it possible--that no matter where you go-- you can be located. You may even have an RFID tracking devise in your car.

A data base that includes all of your emails, phone calls and other information has been established in this country. They know every website you visit, every book you buy of check out at a library. In other words the spying by "Big Brother" on all it's citizens is in full swing.

This book addresses these issues and also shares the names the Bible gives to the Antichrist and what they mean. It has a chapter on how to identify the Antichrist and how the world is unknowingly preparing itself for him. You will discover the career of the Antichrist, the spirit of the Antichrist, his mark and religion and much more.

Written by Herb Rogers,304 pages.
This is book six in his series, Amazing Prophecies Being Fulfilled.
Also available as a paperback.