Baptist Biographies and Happenings in American History

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Each biography ties the present generation to the past through a concise, but fact-filled manner. These men and women are inspirations, role models of vision, perseverance, and convictions who did not surrender to threats, intimidation, and provincialism.

Dan Nelson in this book is a master storyteller, bringing out the unique contributions of many important Baptist leaders… they helped shape who Baptists are today. Steve Lemke, Vice President and Provost of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dan Nelson has done every Christian in America a tremendous service with his new book. It is my prayer that thousands of Christians will read this book and share these stories with a new generation of believers. Phil Kell, President of the Baptist Foundation of California.

My friend, Dan Nelson, has produced a much-needed work at this time in Baptist life. When so many are running from identification with our Baptist heritage, he is doubling down with thrilling biographies of those who sacrificed to get us to where we are today. Dan's book is worthy of your time. Jim Richards, Executive Director of The Southern Baptists of Texas

There is no dry as dust retelling of history here. Rather, the Baptist story in America is told in a refreshingly captivating way that will benefit young and old alike. David Allen, Dean/School of Preaching Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.

I hope that thousands will read it. It is through yet succinct in this highly informational work. The book should be useful in helping a younger generation. Paige Patterson, Former President of Two Southern Baptist Seminaries and Two terms Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention

I have known Dan Nelson for many years. He is a man with a passion for Baptist theology and history. In a day when so many do not know history, this book is timely, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Rob Zinn, Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church Highland, CA

Written by Dan Nelson, paperback, 294 pages.