Does It Matter? NOOK VERSION

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There is a cavalier attitude toward the Word of God today, as never before. One pastor in addressing the issue of a modern version said, "It is still the Word of God, isn't it?" A leader in the Conservative Evangelical movement of today said it did not matter, because he was sure that if someone read, believed, and obeyed any of the modern versions they could get saved and know how to live. We think it does matter when a text is selected that diminishes the truth. When in Luke 2:43, the ESV changes Joseph and his mother to read parents, does it matter? The ESV rendering undermines the virgin birth and Christ's deity. Some will excuse this disgraceful way of handling God's Word, by saying these truths are taught elsewhere; but the writers of God's Word had purpose in their choice of words, which must not be dismissed or ignored. When the ESV takes the warning of II Timothy 3:3, that in the last days, men shall be without natural affection and waters it down to read heartless, does it matter? The ESV rendering destroys one of the most serious warnings of God to His people as we face the last times. We need an awakening to the sanctity of God's Word. God has exalted His Word above His name. Our Lord Jesus made it clear that every jot and tittle will be fulfilled. Today we walk on dangerous ground. Questioning what God said, marked the beginning of Satan's spiritual war on earth. We find no reason to think that war has stopped.