Parenting: One Chance To Do It Right NOOK VERSION

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World conditions are worsening, the church is weakening, our culture seems to be collapsing, and the family is being undermined in a multitude of ways. Is it possible for parents to rear godly children in such an atmosphere?

Yes, it is and it is absolutely necessary. Rearing godly children, however, can only be done through careful attention to God's teaching on parenting. God's Word is timeless truth that is worthy of our total trust. Many things have changed over the generations since the Bible was given to us, but children are still children. We can be sure that God's Word is perfectly up-to-date on how children are to be reared and trained.

Parenting: One Chance To Do It Right offers a message of hope and encouragement to dads and moms who are concerned about the future of their children for time and eternity. Too many parents look back wishing they had done things differently when they reared their children. For many, but by God's grace, it is too late because there is only one chance to do it right.

For added assistance, the topics of single parenting, stepfathers and the current concerns about A.D.D./A.D.H.D. are also addressed.

Written by E. Allen Griffith, 2007, 160 pages, 6 x 9, paperback.