Days of Small Things

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We live in a time when many people don’t seem to believe that things matter. Everything simply seems ordinary. So things like days, choices, efforts, and their own lives—many don’t see as valuable and significant. But the Word indicates otherwise. It is all-important, every “ordinary” thing. We may think things are insignificant because we can’t see the causes and effects in the spiritual world, but they’re there. It distresses me to think that many people don’t see the enormity and power of the small things they encounter in their everyday lives, the small choices, and the seemingly insignificant things that no other person sees. If you are one of those people who think that way, I wish I could reach out, grab you, shake you, and tell you, “No, no! It matters! What you do matters! What you believe matters! What you think matters! You matter!”

Writing these stories, I became increasingly convinced that “ordinary,” as we understand it, does not exist in God’s realm. So, I continued to create true stories of everyday life because I believe that our extraordinary God shines through every common moment. My hope is that readers will see Him in the everyday stories and in their own lives. I wrote about Him being right there because you can’t exist on earth without being touched by His fingertips! He is accessible to all and intensely interested in our ordinary, little lives.

Written by Arlene Channell, 2020, paperback, 216 pages.