Family Polish

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FAMILY POLISH is not a fast-food solution to instant success. This is a parent's polishing guide, a Scriptural process, of training a taste for kindness and respect by unpacking the character-building principles in God's Word. When you hand these keys to your children, you are giving them an understanding of human nature and offering the high gloss of personal interaction provided by Scripture. Uniting as a team, your family can reach for: • godly leadership • a servant's heart • integrity • respect and gratefulness • kindness and forgiveness • When bullied - parent-to-child bonding. Using guidelines, character studies, applications, projects, crafts, social cues and practical steps you can pick up the polishing cloth and with confidence begin a biblical process training your children to navigate in today's world. This is our job-and we love it.

2014, 294 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback. Author: Patty Stanley.