Friends Forever

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"Class," Mrs. Mitchell announced, "I would like to introduce Kelly and Alexis. They will be joining our class this year." Sixth graders and best friends, Katie and Jenna, were surprised to hear their teacher's announcement. They hardly ever got new kids in their class, especially after school already started. But, Katie wasn't worried; she knew nothing in her perfect world would ever change...or would it? Katie watches in disbelief as the new girls begin to pull her best friend away from her. As the year goes on, Katie sees Jenna begin to make choices that shock her and, more importantly, that compromise Jenna's relationship with God. Will a tragic accident bring these best friends back together? Or will the consequences of Jenna's choices prevent her from getting back the best friend she ever had?

6 x 9 inches, 108 pages, paperback, written by Tami Holt