God and America

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Herb Rogers, a veteran pastor for more than 50 years, has written four books on Bible prophecy focusing on the signs of the times. The study in this area of Bible prophecy has extended over the entirety of his ministry. His books exegete more than 300 biblical prophecies, which never existed before Israel became a nation in 1948.

The exponential development of these signs of the times prove beyond doubt that the climax of prophecy is at hand. Jesus Himself said that when all of these signs appear at the same time, we would know that the end is near. (Matthew 24:33)

While many of the signs of the times do not refer to any one nation in particular, Pastor Rogers shows how the development of these end time signs in our day has transformed America from what we were founded to be, to what we as a nation are today. A one world government, predicted for the end times, could not come into existence if the United States remains a superpower. Therefore, before the kingdom of the Antichrist could exist, American influence, military, moral, and spiritual supremacy must be destroyed. This is currently in the process of happening. It is coming to pass so rapidly that each day brings new evidence of the astonishing decay our country is undergoing. God and America is divided into three parts:
1. America and God in the Past
2. America and God in the Present
3. America and God in the Future
It communicates what made America great in the past and how today's so called elite are throwing the things that made America great under the bus. Finally, the book warns how God might respond to the changes taking place.

Written by Herb Rogers, 6x9 inches, 448 pages, paperback.
This is book five in his series, Amazing Prophecies Being Fulfilled.