God's Design for Biblical Preservation

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Scores of books have been penned by Biblical researchers and eminent scholars concerning the history of the King James Bible and the myriad of issues and people associated with it--both pro and con. This treatment of the subject is intended for the average believer and church member who desires to know why we have a King James Bible.

Understanding Divine preservation is essential to developing a conviction for believing in God's dependable revelation to man. Things that are different are not the same. Therefore, we know that God did not stamp His approval on more than one translation of Scripture in English. To do so would condone both truth in the one and error in the others. For God is not the author of confusion... (I Corinthians 14:33)

This book is designed to simply explain the issues and give answers to the sincere, seeking soul who desires to know why we have a preserved Bible, the King James Version--which is without error and can be trusted in its entirety. The details and illustrations are easy for the reader to understand and then explain to others. May this short treatise encourage the believer, who trusts the God Who saved him to also keep His written revelation free from error.

Written by Thomas J. Knickerbocker, 2016, paperback, 40 pages.