He Heard My Cry

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"Allison sat on the porch steps and watched as the lady loaded what little belongings she had into the big green car. She tried not to think about what was ahead of her. She had done this so many times before she did not know why she was so anxious. Moving to a different house should be a normal routine for her now..." After losing both of her parents and her grandmother by the time she was six years old, ALLISON has stopped looking for happiness or someone to love her. She's also resigned to the fact that the stories her Grandmother told her about God were just fairy tales.... Money problems and unemployment plague the Keith family, and with three small children to take care of MRS. KEITH is at her wit's end... Everything about the Campbell's life looks perfect on the outside, but MRS. CAMPBELL carries a heavy burden that only God can change... As each of their lives intersect, God is working in ways they can't even imagine. But will a long buried secret keep their hearts closed to the answers God has for them?

6 x 9 inches, 130 pages, paperback, written by Tami Holt