HOLY SPIRIT: Divine Executive for Transformation, Empowerment and Guidance

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We examine the Personality and Divine Nature of the Holy Spirit, Salvation activities, including the Believer’s New Nature (Regeneration), Spiritual Anointing, Empowerment and Gifts, Guidance, Evidence of Salvation, the Restored God-given Glory.

The Theological terminologies in this book are reduced to the barest minimum, and when applied, explanations are immediately given so that both the theologically and non–theologically trained Believer could benefit. Believers are encouraged to read this material objectively and prayerfully, so that by putting them into practice, the Holy Spirit’s ministry could be effective in our lives to ensure fruitfulness and victory, to the glory of God.

Written by Dr. Emmanuel O.B. Oseie-Bonsu (Bishop), paperback, 355 pages, 2018