In Remembrance of Me

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The Communion Service is an essential ministry for many reasons. The truths represented in Communion are the fundamental doctrines that set Christianity apart from any other religion. Those truths need to be presented and defended. According to some, doctrine has become a bad word that narrows and limits the ministries of the church; but our foundation rests upon the death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and imminent return of Christ. Those central doctrines are all presented in the ordinance of the Lord's Table.

"In Remembrance of Me is a profound work of passion and extensive study by a pastor for pastors, deacons, and the faithful. It skillfully educates all to see the Communion Service as far more than a sacred ordinance to be administered periodically by the New Testament church."

Robert M. Riley
Supervisory Special Agent in Charge
Federal Investigative Services

Written by Dale Byers, 2013 paperback, 368 pages.