Into the Silence

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Into the Silence was written with the intent to motivate, challenge and educate God's servants regarding the needs and uniqueness of ministering among the Deaf. It is also intended to serve as an informative introductory text for Deaf ministry and missions for pastors and Christian servants alike.

There are many books on deafness, deaf education, sign language and Deaf culture. However, there are not many that deal with the subject of Deaf missions and the great need for missionaries and ministries for the Deaf worldwide.

This book is an effort to help fill that need and to provide motivation and vision to those who would give their lives to the Lord in the service of the Deaf. Statistics presented have been researched but have not been scientifically verified. They were gleaned and developed from various sources with the intent of adding context to the need for ministry among the Deaf.

When referring to the use of the word deaf in this book, "deaf" is used in reference to the medical/audiological/pathological loss of hearing and "Deaf" is used as it relates to Deaf community and Deaf culture.

This book is primarily based on my personal experience, observation and opinion. It is not intended to contradict, criticize or stand above another's opinions or methods of ministry.

I pray you will find this book helpful and insightful; especially to those whom God has called to work with the Deaf or those who are considering a Deaf ministry in their church as part of their global missionary effort.

Time is short. We must be busy about the Master's business in reaching this greatly under-reached people group.

Written by Joe Kotvas, 2018, paperback, 176 pages.