Ministry of Presence

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MINISTRY OF PRESENCE speaks to the heart of chaplaincy. It deals with the history and definition of chaplaincy, the chaplain’s call to ministry, and relationship to his church. Specific concerns such as pluralism, prayer, and proselytizing are also addressed.

MINISTRY OF PRESENCE is a resource for those already in the chaplaincy, chaplain candidates, or anyone interested in learning about chaplaincy. The principles presented are not simply theory but are born out of the context of Woodard’s experience and practicing what he preaches. His insights will encourage and challenge anyone seeking to minister from a biblical perspective in any venue of ministry.

Dr. Woodard's book is the result of deep gratitude for the privilege of call to minister as a chaplain. He couples this with sober concern that chaplains and chaplaincies will serve the spiritual welfare of the Troops in the best possible fashion. Whit is clear about his particular theological perspective from cover to cover. Whit’s material has virtue and implications well beyond the ministry specialty of military chaplaincy. His text would be quite valuable on the reading list of general courses in ecclesiology and pastoral theology.

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