Once Upon A Midnight Clear (KJV)

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Have you ever wondered what was going on in heaven just as God, the Creator of all things, was setting the stage on earth for His Son to be born? Every year we hear the Christmas story told over and over; and it is a glorious story, no doubt. But have you ever really thought about what the others of God's creations, the angels, were seeing and thinking through it all? I venture to say, we might find some things that God has planned on earth has come as just as much of a surprise to them as to mankind. Children and adults come and imagine with me now and have some fun. We are about to embark on a journey through time and space to a place filled with unexpected wonder, questions and a little humor, to get a firsthand look into what just may have happened so long ago. This is a precious, heart-warming full-color book using the King James Version. Written by The Gloryteller, 2013