Overlooked?: God's Hope for Ordinary People

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Have you ever felt “overlooked” by God as an ordinary person? Have you talked to someone and realized their struggles are similar to yours? Overlooked? is a treasury of ordinary people of the Old Testament who had big and little trials, but God valued each one! You’ll meet people like yourself, whose lives were changed by God when faced with fear, unexpected events, life-impacting choices, personal injustice and rejection, and at times wavering faith.

As you read Overlooked? You’ll discover that:
God’s plan is always in place for our unexpected events
God’s compassion satisfies the unspoken needs of our hearts
God’s presence protects us and calms our fears
God’s love and strength enables us to obey
God’s loving heart can be broken
God’s personal work continues today.

Therefore, reflect on the hope and assurance which God can bring to your life, because you are never overlooked by Him!

Written by Debbie Hibbard, 2019, paperback, 96 pages.