Ready for the Harvest

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The purpose of this book is to explore in depth the universal principles that govern seedtime and harvest. We will also explore how these principles apply to every area of life. That being said, the harvest and the concepts associated with it, are agricultural principles found throughout Scripture that convey spiritual truth which apply to every area of our lives. In fact, the universal law of seedtime and harvest has been at work in your life for your entire life, whether you knew it or not. It has been operational in every decision or non-decision; every action or reaction; every act of faith or disbelief; every act of obedience or disobedience; every act of righteousness or wickedness. The law of seedtime and harvest has been at work! The sobering truth is this, "the life you currently have is the harvest of every seed you have sown, or have failed to sow!" So, if you want a different life, from this day forward, sow different seeds. If you want a better life, sow better seeds. If you want better finances, sow better financial seeds. If you want better relationships, sow better relational seeds. Spiritually speaking then, the harvest is a season where what God has purposed and destined for your life is fully developed, ripe for the gathering, easily available and within your reach. I am convinced that God has a harvest for you in this very season. Get ready for your harvest!

Written by William L. Glover, 2016, 6 x 9 inches paperback, 130 pages