Short Stories for Girls

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My heart goes out to Christian girls growing up in an ungodly world. My hat’s off to the Christian parents who do their best to teach their girls right from wrong. However, there are negative influences which impact their family such as movies, T.V., music, peers, drugs and social media.

The purpose of these stories which highlight such values as honesty, friendship, love, empathy, compassion, selflessness, forgiveness and serving others reinforce the values Christian parents impart to their girls.

The age levels suggested are from four to eighteen. The book ‘Short Stories for Girls (of all ages)’ covers from four to eighteen, pages 9-61. The book ‘Stories of Romance for Girls (and the young at heart)’ is suggested for girls from nine to eighteen, pages 63-116. The novella ‘Flaming Hair’ is suggested for girls from the age of twelve to eighteen, pages 117-154. Enjoy!

Written by Arleen Newcomb, paperback, 156 pages.