The Ministry of Marriage

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A REFRESHINGLY BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE FOR HEALTHY MARRIAGES AND REAL HOPE FOR HURTING ONES The couples who have come to me for help have already tried all the worn-out spiritual cliches. They are wearied by the flippant advice given by well-meaning friends. They are tired of faddish theories of pop psychology. After wedding tears of joy have dried, tears of hurt and hopelessness sometimes find their way even into otherwise happy marriages. In troubled ones, they may become the norm. Not a psychology book or self-help manual, The Ministry of Marriage shows the biblical plan for building a life together, even if only one spouse is pursuing it. Shattering the I-am-married-to-the-wrong-one myth, The Ministry of Marriage shows how applying biblical thinking brings miraculous results to even severe and prolonged cases of marital discord.

Author: Jim Binney, 246 pages, paperback.