The Mirror of God's Word

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The Mirror of God's Word
A Biblical View of Physical Beauty

Surgery to remove a brain tumor resulted in a change to Robin's facial features, causing her to take a deep look into the mirror of God's Word to find the answers to questions many of us have asked. "Why did God create me as He did when He is certainly capable of creating so much beauty?" "If beauty brings honor and glory to God, how can I possibly do so in my current physical condition?" "Is it possible for me to be content with my appearance?" "Will I ever be able to focus on others without thinking about how I look?" "How important is physical beauty to God anyway?" These are just some of the questions Robin seeks to answer in this six-week Bible study.

The lessons contained herein do not focus on the subject of "inner beauty," although that is important to God. Instead, they are designed to help us transform our thinking by giving us God's viewpoint on this all-too-often misunderstood subject of physical beauty.

Written by Robin Parton, 2020, paperback edition, 202 pages.

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