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Our oceans remain an undiscovered world, barely explored or understood, an abyss of unlearned knowledge that science will never entirely fathom. We have barely scratched the surface in that respect. One dare not speculate that we as humans have come into contact with, or have discovered, every species or life form that inhabits the vast waters on this planet we call Earth.

What made this previously unknown dominant order of terror, possibly from the bottomless depths of the Atlantic Ocean, leave their habitat? One might speculate any number of hypotheses: A fissure, or opening, in the earth's depths caused by a seaquake or geological shift of the ocean's floor opening a passage from some unrevealed underwater world. Feeding depletion. Atmospheric conditions. Any unexplainable phenomenon.

Does this explain the strange tales and disappearances that have plagued our seas throughout time? This new evil kills for the thrill of the kill, annihilating everything within their path. They have claimed their rightful place at the top of the food chain in our seas, hunting all who dare enter their domain.

Mankind has yet to fully taste their fury. Heaven help us-

Until the mid-sixteenth century, the fear-provoking monster of the deep we know today as the shark was first known as the Spanish word-Tiburón.

Written by Edward Holsclaw, 2021, paperback, 184 pages.