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Assembling the Puzzle of History

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Assembling the Puzzle of History takes a brief look at the individuals whose contributions to Math, Science, Philosophy, and Theology have made the greatest impact upon culture and society. It is these individuals who, through the course of history, passed down those ideas from generation to generation, accumulating into the picture of progress, conflict, and confusion we see today.

Through much of recorded history, we see a continuing conflict between the secular and spiritual beliefs and ideologies. These conflicts lead to a collage of ideas that form into what we call Western Culture along with Eastern influence. These ideas take many forms, giving us a collection of beliefs that continue to press against traditional beliefs and values.

With all our scientific progress, we have not been able to answer the larger questions of life regarding why we are here. Confusion still exists regarding the question of purpose and meaning. We are left with little insight into why there is something rather than nothing.

This text seeks to answer the larger questions of life, regarding the ultimate purpose of history and life.

Written by Mark A. Anderson, 2016, paperback, 176 pages.
Category:History, Reference