Fire from Ashes

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My husband, George, was well known to all and had lots of followers. Many believed he was a good man and a man of God. Sometimes the women in the church would come to me and express their heartfelt wishes to have a husband like mine. If only they knew the hidden personality of their pastor! I was secretly abused--physically, spiritually, and emotionally for fifteen years. MY STORY WON'T BE EASY TO READ. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

God is a God of second chances. I thank God that He knew me before I was born. He called me for His own purpose -- He had a better plan. My constant prayers for fifteen years were for God to make a way for me. He filled my heart with hope.

Taking back my will almost cost me my life.

Today, I see myself as fire from the ash. Many people think that if it looks like ash, that it should be thrown into the wind, forgetting that there is fire from ash. All that a spark needs is something solid to hold onto. Thankfully, I have lived to tell the secrets from behind my husband's pulpit.

Written by Ruth Isylma Bastedo, 2010, 6 x 9 inches, 166 pages.