One Heartbeat Away

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One Heartbeat Away reveals how easily we can be deceived. It is filled with pain, fear, deception, highs and lows of walking in the secular world and the false belief that God will show us the future for others when we are walking in this world.

Satan can masquerade as anyone in our minds. That is why he is called the master of lies. My personal climb was from the edge of the eternal fire of darkness into the full embrace of Godf's eternal life through salvation and grace through His Son, Jesus Christ--Who died for you and me. This journey took a little longer than the Israelites' forty years. My journey was 59 1/2 years of wandering and searching.

My life represents the extent of God's forgiveness and love for each of us.

Written by Judith Ransom, 2008, 88 pages, 6 x 9, paperback.