Stem Cells and Cloning: Who should decide?

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In the current debate over stem cell research and utilization, Americans are increasingly facing perhaps the greatest ethical question in the history of biomedicine: At what point does a commitment to enhancing, saving or even creating one person's life interfere with another's right to that same life. Regrettably, with embryonic cell utilization, the answer is that the conflict is quickly and abundantly apparent, despite what its proponents are telling us.

In Stem Cells and Cloning: Who should decide?, Dr. Mark Foster carefully dissects these issues and provides still further support for the fact that we can do much to enhance the quality of American health care and human longevity--including with the possible utilization of adult stem cells--without forgetting our role as mortal servants of God.

Written by Dr. Mark R. Foster, 2008, 288 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover.