Angel Watch (ePub)

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The stage rumbled down the frozen road, shaking the lone passenger mercilessly within. With each turn of the wheel, it took the reflective young woman farther away from Van Buren...and Seth. Annie Evans had made a difficult decision - she was going home.

Days later, as the ferry crossed the Mississippi River, Annie watched Arkansas fade as Tennessee became closer - Tennessee, home and war. She knew the danger of trying to get to Murfreesboro, but she also knew she had to try. Maybe she would be able to put what Rena had taught her to good use. With determination, Annie promised the Lord she would do what she could - not only to help the physically wounded but the spiritually wounded as well.

Miles away, in a makeshift Confederate hospital, a young doctor worked with little rest and only one nurse. He needed help - desperately. Exhausted from hours of bending over wounded young men, Doctor Grady Horton once again asked God to send the help needed. Little did he know, as his eyes closed in sleep, that an Angel of Mercy was soon to arrive.
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