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Capernaum Woman

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Capernaum Woman is the imaginative story of a real person, a fresh portrait of an early believer. Unnamed in the Bible, we call her Yoninah, "Little Dove." She suffers from a grievous physical condition; but a miracle is visited upon Yoninah, changing every aspect of her life.

Many centuries later, her faith and courage still inspire troubled women. "You are now married. You will join your husband's household when..." Papa had said. Who was the man to whom she was forever bound? The years will bring joy, sorrow, frustration, and miraculous healing. Then came the day the Master was crucified. With her hopes dashed, Yoninah wonders how she and her family will face life.

From off the pages of the Gospels comes the story of the woman with a 12-year issue of blood, and her family. Rich in imagination and cultural detail, you will never forget the story of Yoninah, the Capernaum Woman.

Written by Nancy Pike, 2012, 6 x 9 inches, 256 pages, paperback.