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Law of the Heart

SKU: Brown 3 - Law $15.99
After receiving an urgent wire, U.S. Marshal Mackenzie Whitman unexpectedly finds himself on his way back to Van Buren, Arkansas. With Sheriff Wes Tally out of commission for an unknown length of time, Mac must step in as the acting law enforcer. The only good thing about this assignment would be seeing Doctor Rena Tanner again. His stay in Van Buren the previous year had jolted Mac’s life. Not only had he been shot and nearly killed, by Outlaw Jack Matthews, he had fallen in love with the beautiful doctor who had saved his life. Being back in Van Buren would give him the opportunity to pursue his feelings for Rena and to find out if she had feelings for him as well.What Mac did not intend on finding was Annie Evans, stabbed and left for dead outside of town. It was now his job to not only keep her safe, but to find out who wanted her dead and why. Only through his search did he discover that he too was being tracked by a killer.