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Mirror of Healing

SKU: 978-1-937129-08-8 $15.99
Book 2 of the Loud the Thunder Series. As the Gentry children leave Cedar Grove for a new life in Charleston, Missouri, Mary Jenkins begins sorting through her confusing emotions. The growing love she feels for Alex Bailey can no longer be ignored. As Hannah's identical twin, how could she be sure that Alex loved her for herself? The rumors in the small town were strong enough to force caution.

It is only in the face of dire tragedy and heartbreak that Mary is finally convinced that Alex's love is for her and her alone. Alex Bailey continues to care for the people in his community - reaching out not only as their doctor, but as their friend. As Cody Jackson works on his house, making it serviceable for his medical practice, Alex deals with the task of waiting on God where Mary is concerned. He loves her - deeply, but convincing Mary of that fact has become his greatest challenge.

With the storm clouds of war looming in the horizon, Alex and Mary learn firsthand that only with their eyes focused on God and with their fingers entwined with His, could they hope to survive. Their faith is challenged on several levels; still, they find God to be faithful and involved in every aspect of their lives.

Written by Linda Brown, 2011, 320 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback