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One Time Messengers

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The year is 2002. There is a different United States President and Prime Minister in Israel. The Second Intifada is only preparing to wind down and the man who stomped out that fire, Ari Sharon, has not yet forcibly evacuated all the Israelis from Gaza. The world's security forces are ramping up for the new reality that the 9/11 attacks have forced on them. Needless to say, most of the political world (excluding Israel) were totally unprepared for anything like this. President Bush has given the nod to Special Forces teams to move into Afghanistan and mold the Northern Alliances tribes in the fight against the Taliban. Israel, without speaking the words, is thinking that now perhaps the United States will understand what they have lived with all their lives. Not one generation alive in Israel has existed without the constant threat of being killed by Arabs, local and in the neighboring nations. We welcome you to the continuation of a labor of love - One Time Messengers. An adventure that we have enjoyed bringing you over the years. As the characters grow in the job, their lives change, and in some cases, their eternities also.