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One Time Messengers -- The Prequel

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A beautiful, al Qaeda terrorist determined to continue the attacks on America, has a diabolical plan to murder her own messengers.

Add a team of top intelligence operators led by Jake Crabtree and Larry Fielding, one born to an Israeli mother, the other a Detroit Arab. They form a hunter/killer team and find themselves on a path that will change their lives forever thanks to a stolen airplane, a plan by the National Security Advisor and a dying South African billionaire.

Mix in the head of Mossad, a techie named Elvis, a Twinkie wolfing computer genius and stir with politicians, the CIA, and some red-neck thugs from fly over land and you have a plot that is believable, chilling and far too close to today’s headlines.

The result is a top-drawer action novel with enough truth to float a horse shoe and enough laughs to keep you awake way past your bedtime.


The late days of prophecy are exploding almost daily on the world scene. In order to have a greater appreciation of the current events and coming events, Dr. Ernie Moore's writing should be required reading for all Christians. Pastor Homer Murdoch . Morganton, North Carolina

Dr. Ernie Moore knows more about Israel and what’s going on in the Middle East than anyone I know. Read his books and learn what is behind the headlines. Dr. Mark Campbell . Bible Baptist Church

Written by Ernie & Wanda Moore, 2010, 162 pages, 6 x 9, paperback.
Published by Barnabus Press.