Pre-Flood Technology KINDLE VERSION

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The "Christian" populace has for so long been duped by the unorthodox teachings of the Word of God concerning the antediluvian period, that it is refreshing to read something that sets the truth of the Word of God, concerning our ancestors. So long we have been taught that cavemen ranged the country sides, progressed into the use of many languages, gradually "invented" the wheel, until today we are the intellectual elite of the world. Man's cranial ineptitude today shows how little we really understand about the civilization prior to and immediately following the Noahatic flood.

The "philosophers" of today's secular society would have us believe we evolved into what we are today, when in actuality, we are devolving into the thing God had to destroy. "As it was in the days of Noah...." I trust this work will be a blessing to you as you read it and that it will open your eyes to the Truth of the Word of God.

Written by Ron Tottingham, 2010, 140 pages, 6 x 9 inch paperback.