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Men of the Invisible War (Kindle)

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This is a dramatic retelling of a true story - the tale of a war kept from the American people, fought right in our own backyard from June 1942 through September 1943.

It is the story of a Japanese doctor educated in America and caught up in a war which tore him between two worlds, shattering his hopes and dreams of a life with the family he would never see again.

You will read of a submarine commander and crew who disappeared, creating a mystery that went unsolved for over 60 years. You will meet men who fought and died for their beliefs, and a young pilot who changed the course of the war before his death.

You will learn about troops whose lives were cut short because they were too poorly equipped to fight this “war that never happened.”

It is a story of love and faith, courage and hardship, suffering and death.

It is the story of the dead crying out to be heard and remembered, their struggle nearly forgotten by all but those very few remaining who fought there.

It is a story about everyday people, just like you and me, who lost their lives in a desolate land. You will come to know them, and you will see how they became, The Men of the Invisible War.

Written by Joe Kotvas, 2014, KINDLE version.
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