Believing is Seeing: Focus Through a God-Centered Paradigm -- Hard cover

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As an ophthalmologist, I can add a different perspective on living a Christian life—or what I call a God-Centered Paradigm. Your eyes and brain are incredible designs and structures developed by God. The intricacy and interconnectivity of the human body is amazing.

There is evidence of God’s hand in every aspect of this world He created. I will show you how your brain and vision work together, so that you can learn to see this world from a godly perspective. The book will give you Biblical instruction, combined with my medical knowledge on how to live a long healthy life, centered on a Christian foundation.

Royalties will be donated toward missions.

Written by James E. Croley III, M.D., 6 x 9 inches, hard cover, 306 pages in full-color
Also available as perfect bound and eBook.