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Change of Heart (KINDLE VERSION)

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What was it like growing up as a child in Nazareth?

What was it like being the brother or sister of the Messiah?

What was the daily routine of the family of Jesus?

How were the children educated?

Who were their friends and what did they do for fun?

What would cause James and Jude (the younger brothers of Jesus) to go from hero worship to disdain?

Most importantly, how is it possible for the two young antagonists of the ministry of Jesus to become not only devout followers of the Lord, but two of the most important leaders of the new Christian faith-then eventually go to their deaths as martyrs for the Lord Jesus Christ?

Change of Heart answers those questions in a riveting story about what it may have been like to grow up in the family of the Messiah.

Written by James Sedore, 2011, 120 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback.
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