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Jude: School for Counter-Espionage

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Although the book of Jude only consists of one small chapter, it is overflowing with a wealth of knowledge for God's people to know how to stand against attacks in this world and even in the church. There are people who may appear to be following Jesus Christ, but their bottom motive is deception. They sow seeds of doubt, false hope, and lies. You may be yearning for guidance and direction in your life and trying to look for the right answers. How do you what is truth? How do you know when you encounter a counterfeit Christian? Pastor Skelton uses the book of Jude to unveil these mysteries. In a world where deception lurks around every corner, this book urges Christians to stand their guard against the wiles of the devil and to be prepared to overtly oppose those who creep in to our congregations to cause disarray. If you are ready to uncover the truth and expose apostasy, then I encourage you to become a student and allow Jude, the teacher, to reveal to us what the apostates seek to hide.

5.5 x 8.5 inches, 80 pages, paperback, written by Shane Skelton