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Loving Your Pastor

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This book is an easy read with a powerful message. I recommend this book to all church members as a discipleship guide or just a simple reminder of how we should treat the pastor God gave his church. -- Rob Hunt, Deacon,Song Director, Master Club Director of Lighthouse Baptist Church. Evangelist Hill has written a book that should have been written many years ago. This book will help the average church member to know how to treat and love their pastor. If every church member would read this book, and apply what they have read, then the pastor's job would become less difficult. This is a must read for today's church members. -- Pastor Joe D. Stallings. This book is an excellent, thought-provoking guide for every church member who says they love their pastor. It is a well written, enjoyable read. I highly recommend it and think it should be read by all. I also suggest it as good discussion material to share at home with family members. -- Brother Richard Loveless, Sunday School Teacher, Greater Point Baptist Church. "Dr. Robertson, what is it that my pastor needs from me more than anything else?" I asked Dr. Lee Roberson as we walked down the hallway. Without hesitation, he replied, "Encouragement! Encouragement is what your pastor needs from you more than any other thing." Evangelist Jason Hill has written a book full of instruction, helps, and ideas for encouraging your pastor. If every church member would put into practice the principles put forth in this book, Loving Your Pastor, our churches in America would be strengthened and revitalized as God's people encourage their pastors. I recommend that every church member read this book and put into practice Loving Your Pastor. -- Dr. Bill McSpadden, Pastor

5.5 x 8.5 inches, 90 pages, paperback, written by Jason Hill