More Letters from the Heart

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More Letters is an enhancement to the original Letters from the Heart that was published in early 2005. There are many reasons why I felt compelled to rewrite Letters from the Heart. My sister, referred to in both writings as the Free Spirit, after reading the original, reminded me of a few embarrassing moments I apparently put out of my mind for obvious reasons. After some convincing, I agreed with her that they were worth sharing with the world even if they are still an embarrassment. She also shared some additional stories about Dad, of which I forgot or didn’t know, equally worth sharing.

The response I received was overwhelming. I had no idea “Letters from the Heart” would generate so many letters; from total strangers to old high school classmates, whom I haven’t seen nor heard from for over 50 years. As a result of having seen what “Letters from the Heart” has done for both the creator and the readers, I was again compelled to answer the simple yet far-reaching question, what happened to the letter and to the people who wrote them?

Like “Letters from the Heart”, “More Letters” is a tribute to the power of a letter and a tribute to the host of writers and poets who have enabled us the opportunity to have those special moments when we can reflect and reminisce.

Written by Cotter Barry, 220 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback